Michel Yang
Michel Yang
  • Installation and video
  • Blessed Objects for Sale


Blessed Objects for Sale is a personal research on object agency.

From 8 Oct to 15 Oct, hoarded objects undergo a ritual to be freed of hoarding value.  In turn they become blessed to protect the beholder from excess.  During ARTICULATE, these blessed objects will be available for you.  Bring with you an object of equal value for exchange, enact a momentary ritual, and have a blessing attuned just for you.

Excess eating, excess drinking, excess working, excess cleaning, excess guilt, excess hoarding, excess spending, excess desires, excess talking, excess thinking, excess doing, excess hating, excess loving, excess wasting, excess debating, excess anger, excess violence, excess freedom, excess restraining, excess hesitating, excess certainty, excess ego …

Supporting the lecture-presentation the installation is a continuation of rearranging and rewriting the sense of objects giving particular attention to process as ritual. Where exchange and action empower both the object and individual bringing together myth and modernity into one space and time.