88 Clouds Will Rain For You

Iosif Kiraly’s sound installation 88 Clouds Will Rain For You is an ode to the internationally renowned Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks. When he attended his Sommer Academy in Salzburg in ‘92, Hendricks asked Kiraly to collaborate on a project with the German artist Christine Ulke for the thirtieth anniversary of the Fluxus movement (‘62-’92) in Cologne and Wiesbaden. The work originally consisted of 61 clouds or sound clouds, A number which then corresponded to the exact age of Hendricks. Spread out over a space filled with metal objects, the clouds gradually release drops. What emerges is a poetic and immersive soundscape, in which the temporality and spatiality of sound play a fundamental role. Hendricks died in 2018; For every year the work is exhibited, a sound cloud is added. In this manner, the work acquired symbolic meaning.

This sound installation is part of EUROPALIA ROMANIA 2019.

This is a drop in-drop out concert. In the tradition of Fluxus there is no specific seating, you can also walk around in the room.

Exhibition Music Performance Sound installation