Choreographing potentialities of collectivity

Gele zaal (Conservatoire)

Can a dancing body -or rather: dancing bodies- be at the same time faceless and charismatic? Can a dancers collective escape the bipolar utopian-versus-dystopian interpretative frame, or the machine-versus-animal opposition?  How would Samuel Beckett dance?

In this research presentation, Tuur Marinus will open up his research process in which he’s exploring alternative choreographic models of collectivity.  More than an ex-cathedra presentation, this will be an immersive sharing of a choreographical research process.  Expect some introductory words, but mostly expect to become an active witness to on-the-floor presentations of choreographic sequences by a team of 9 dansers.

Being just before half-way the two-year research trajectory, this sharing moment presents choreographic problems rather then solutions, and questions rather then answers.

Dance Performance Talk