#dramaqueen: The Silenced

Gele zaal (Conservatoire)

“The Silenced is a meditation on those who are muted, by force or by political, economic, or social circumstances, yet still struggle to be heard. While composing the work, I was concerned with the ideas of trauma and self expression during and after an emotionally damaging experience. This is manifested musically by gagged, stifled sounds that are perpetually in transition towards a clearer articulation that is never fully reached. Significantly, it is the flute, not the voice, that comes closest to realising a kind of expressive “purity,” free of the noise and interference that typify so much of multilayered sound strata in the piece.” – Jason Eckardt

As part of her research around the musical mono drama, where parameters of other performative disciplines are implemented in a musical score, composer Jason Eckardt, poet Max Greyson and Ine Vanoeveren developed an inclusive version with integrated audio-description. Not only to overcome the visual barriers of the musical mono drama for visual impaired people, but also to exemplify the emotional narrative from a different, non-literal perspective.

Jason Eckardt, composition

Max Greyson, audio-description

Ine Vanoeveren, flute

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