Ghost Trance Music: The Open Works of Anthony Braxton (talk)

Gele zaal (Conservatoire)

“Both aleatory and indeterminism are words which have been coined to bypass the word improvisation and as such the influence of non-white sensibility.” A.Braxton

Guitarist Kobe Van Cauwenberghe takes a closer look at the open works of Anthony Braxton, an experimental American composer and multi-instrumentalist. This talk starts with historical background on indeterminacy and the “open work” in post-1950 American and European art music and the often neglected role the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) played. Anthony Braxton’s catalog of work is then analysed, with highlights on the different compositional structures leading up to the Ghost Trance Music system.

In “Ghost Trance Music” Braxton’s entire fascinating musical universe comes together. You step into a ritual, guided by a melody without beginning or end, a stream of consciousness that serves as the central track leading you into the unknown.

If you’re curious to find out what that sounds like, join for a mini Braxton-concert in the evening.

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