Time is a book (is Time)

De Korte Zaal (Academy)

In 2009, Belgian artists Els Dietvorst and Dirk Braeckman were invited by the organizers of the Time Festival in Ghent to curate the ninth and last edition of this theatre and performance festival. The artists proposed to turn the event into a book, and as such providing it with a broad and lasting platform. The idea was to offer a selection of international artists a printed platform to share ideas and open up discussions about contemporary artistic practice and its processes.

In this masterclass we aim at re-evaluating this experimental gesture of 2009 and considering its relevance and potential for today’s and tomorrow’s artistic practice. We will work around the themes presented in the Time is a 2009-book:

What is the position of an artist in society?
What is the position of the artist towards the (art)system?
What is the position of the artist towards the state of our world?

The masterclass is open to all disciplines and will focus on experiment, failure and necessity. We will use exercices of Joseph Beuys as a base for communication, desire, exchange and engagement. During this master class, participants combine ideas through the use of drawings, design, installation, photography, sculpture and video. The outcomes will be used to make a dummy for a new Time is a book(is Time).

Guest artists are Robert Adams and Mekhitar Garabedian. Guest speakers are Caroline Tissdale, Pascal Gielen and Dirk Draulans. Caroline Tisdall, former art critic of The Guardian and now an ecological campaigner, was Beuys’s collaborator and travelling companion in the 70ties.

Registrations for the Masterclass are now closed.

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