Witte zaal (Conservatoire)

After two years of gathering, restoring, analysing and reformulating, this audio-visual play by Belgian composer Lucien Goethals will finally get on stage again. It was written in 1967 for 2 speakers, magnetophones, film projection, cello, piano and 3 percussionists but because of technical difficulties, the piece was performed only a few times since. VENSTERS gained importance as the first Belgian expanded film, mixing analogue and digital media.

Flutist Karin de Fleyt brings the work back to life, performing and recording it with contemporary music collective HERMESensemble. Moreover, she integrates a text by poet Jan van der Hoeven in this filmic concert. Van der hoeven was a great source of inspiration for Lucien Goethals and finally  their encounters and collaborations become tangible on stage.

In collaboration with HermesEnsemble, students and alumni from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Bob Mees and Godart Bakkers (Art Cinema Off off and KASK Gent)  and Juan Parra Cancino ( sound engineer).

Filmprojection: Bob Mees
Cello: Karin Broeckhove
Piano: Marc Maes
Percussion 1: Gaetan La Mela
Percussion 2: Pieter Bernaert
Percussion 3: Corneel Vandervaart
Speaker 1: Danielle Denul
Speaker 2: Rino Sokol
Sound director: Juan Parra Cancino
Director: Karin de Fleyt

At 19:30 Karin de Fleyt will give an introduction on the research project and how the play was restored.

Concert Music Performance Talk Visual arts