What the Fluxus?

Aula Pand (Academy)

An introduction on Fluxus, the theme of ARTICULATE 2019.

Art historian Aurelie Daems (Royal Academy, Ghent University) highlights the history of Fluxus: how did it came into being and how did the movement evolve. She specifically addresses the influence of female artists Yoko Ono and Alison Knowles. Next, Johan Pas, head of the Royal Academy and art historian will focus on Fluxus publications. He will talk about “Happening, Fluxus & Intermedia in Print”, in line with a micro-exhibit in De Lange Zaal where some of these orginal publications will be showed. Finally Christofer Frederiksson takes the floor. Frederiksson is, among many other things, a visual artist, writer and co-ower of Hanoi FLUXUS Shop in Vietnam. He gets into his personal Fluxus journey that departures in 1912 from Stockholm, transfers in Hanoi and arrives in Antwerp in October 2019. A safety belt is not needed, life vest is not available, and please open the window blinds as there’s a lot of things to explore out there.


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